Irving Moskowitz

The Irving Moskowitz Foundation strongly believes in making a difference in people’s lives through charitable work in different communities such as the City of Hawaiian Gardens.  Cherna Moskowitz and Irving Moskowitz founders of the Irving Moskowitz Foundation have dedicated their lives to making generous contributions to numerous non-profit organizations that provide athletic opportunities to children of low income families, Women Shelters for victims of domestic violence, and Food Banks that provide healthy food to needy families.  Both Cherna Moskowitz and Irving Moskowitz believe that there is no greater satisfaction than to have the ability to help others, especially those in need.  Cherna Moskowitz finds it rewarding to bring hope to the least fortunate. Alike Cherna Moskowitz, Irving   Moskowitz also believes in contributing to charitable causes that provide opportunities that many take for granted.  On the basis of helping those in need, Irving Moskowitz founded the charitable non-profit Irving Moskowitz Foundation.

The generosity of Irving Moskowitz and Cherna Moskowitz has touched the lives of many, either directly or indirectly. Their generous donations range from providing a student with scholarships for college to contributing financial assistance for major capital improvement projects that benefit an entire community.  Both Irving Moskowitz and Cherna Moskowitz are true philanthropist and role models to all.   The selfless act of giving is an attribute that Irving Moskowitz and Cherna Moskowitz posses.  Those that have been touched by their generosity can attest that Irving Moskowitz and Cherna Moskowitz are true humanitarians and are always willing to help those in need.

Following his humanitarian beliefs, Irving Moskowitz and his foundation the Irving Moskowitz Foundation has made various generous contributions to the City of Hawaiian Gardens.  Almost a square mile in size this community is located inLos AngelesCountybetween theLos AngelesCountyandOrangeCountyborder.  Although geographically small, this City is home to over 15, 000 residents those of who mostly are low-to-moderate income households.

Irving Moskowitz along with his wife Cherna Moskowitz found the City of Hawaiian Gardens to be a community in which the Irving Moskowitz Foundation could expand on its charitable contributions  and spread its philosophy of helping those in need.  Irving Moskowitz believes that aiding a small city such as Hawaiian Gardens will have significant impacts not only in the community, but also on society as a whole.  Irving Moskowitz and the Irving Moskowitz Foundation are committed and dedicated to the community of Hawaiian Gardens as it is one of their primary beneficiaries.  Cherna Moskowitz shares the same beliefs as her husband Irving Moskowitz and oversees all his charitable contributions the many non-profits including many generous donations made to the City of Hawaiian Garden.   The most significant contributions from the Irving Moskowitz Foundation to the City of Hawaiian Gardens have been millions of dollars for the development and construction of a new Public Library and Public Safety Center, and new state-of-the-art Sports Complex at Fedde Middle School.  These two new facilities are the crown jewels of the City of Hawaiian Gardens.  Thanks to the support of the Irving Moskowitz Foundation the residents of Hawaiian Gardens enjoy two new assets that are real first class amenities.  The Hawaiian Gardens Public Library and Public Safety Center provide the youth and community a safe haven where people can come together in a facility that promotes safety and education as a winning combination.  Cherna Moskowitz believes that giving the children of Hawaiian Gardens a place where they can study in a safe place will only help make stronger citizens.  For this reason, Cherna Moskowitz supported the City of Hawaiian Gardens’ effort to make this dream library a reality.  The library was fully equipped with hundredths of new books and computers available to the public.  The second floor of this facility is home the Los Angeles County Sheriffs who provide law enforcement services to the City of Hawaiian Gardens.  The residents now have a place where they can report suspicious activity and crimes occurring in their neighborhood.  In addition, residents now have a safe location where they can meet the deputies that serve their community and host their Neighborhood Watch meetings.  Irving Moskowitz felt it was important that residents of Hawaiian Gardens had a place in the community where they felt safe and were able to directly interact with law enforcement personnel.

The Fedde Middle School Sports Complex, which was once the rundown middle school’s sports field used by many sports groups, was in dire need of a major transformation.  The deteriorating conditions of this field were attributed to the over usage by the many Little League, Soccer, Pop Warner, and adult soccer leagues.  The Irving Moskowitz Foundation recognized the City of Hawaiian Gardens limited resources and need for open space for recreational activities and contributed a monetary donation for the Fedde Middle School Sports Complex.  This $8 million dollar project is a dream come true for many children in the City of Hawaiian Gardens.  This state-of-the-art sports facility that is comprised of several fields for various sports such as baseball, soccer, football, volleyball, and basketball.  This facility also includes a tot lot for small children, concession stand, decorative pedestrian walkways with benches, and new parking facilities allowing patrons to have access to the various sports fields.

This project is truly a dream come true and Irving Moskowitz along with Cherna Moskowitz and the Irving Moskowitz Foundation are proud to have contributed to this first class amenity for the residents of Hawaiian Gardens.  Cherna Moskowitz is glad that many children have a safe place where they can play sports and reside