Do You Know About the Irving Moskowitz Charities?

Dr. Irving Moskowitz, with his wife Cherna Moskowitz, has established various Irving Moskowitz charities that have been very helpful in various communities. They understand the value of education as this is very essential in children’s development. The Irving Moskowitz charities have made lots of donations to various organizations. One of the blessed recipients of $30,000 is Fedde Middle School located in Hawaiian Gardens in California. The donation that the Irving Moskowitz charities provide will be used to buy Apple iPads for the students. These would be of great use to the education of children. The convenience offered by these devices will be very helpful as they try to study hard. These devices are new teaching tools that can make the students become more interested with learning in better ways.

The Irving Moskowitz charities are helping people of different creed, politics, religion or race. Dr. and Mrs. Moskowitz are proud sponsors for education of children too and they feel that education is necessary for long term success. They provide what the children need so that they will have fun learning different things. The founders know that there are many students dropping out of school in the middle school years and they are hoping that with their donation they can minimize the dropout rate. Because of this, Irving Moskowitz charities are dedicated to help the children out there for them to become educated. Children are taught academic Spanish, English, literature, mathematics, humanities, visual as well as performing arts and a lot more. The founders recognize that the donation they offer is the smartest investment for the brighter future of the nation.