Know How the Irving Moskowitz Foundation has Helped Others

Irving Moskowitz Foundation is committed to help reduce suffering in the places where there are crises. Through the various relief efforts, the foundation is able to help many people through their financial aid and relief contribution. The foundation had extended help during the Central America devastation brought by hurricane Mitch in 1998. It also provided relief during the Kosovo Crisis in the year 1999 and the massive earthquake that occurred in Turkey in the same year. Moreover, during the collapse of the New York City World Trade Center, the foundation was also able to extend its help. Also, a huge donation was given to the American Red Cross to offer help to those people who were affected in the wildfires that took place in California in 2003 and the Tsunami tragedy that affected Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia as well as India in 2004. The foundation also helped the sufferers in New Orleans and Louisiana when hurricane Katrina devastated their place in 2005.

There are many communities and places that have been beneficiaries of the Irving Moskowitz Foundation. The Irving Moskowitz Foundation continues to work with its vision and goals and provide help to people in times of crises. It was in the year 1968 that this foundation was initiated and it still is running at present. Dr. Irving Moskowitz has also been generous to the Jewish people in Israel. He wanted Israel to be maintained as a safe place for the Jewish people. He is proud and happy to be able to serve others that are not as fortunate as his and those who are living in difficult situations.