Irving Moskowitz Foundation donates $100,000 to Oklahoma Tornado Victims

Red Cross Donation by Irving Moskowitz

Irving I Moskowitz 2013 Donation

Red Cross donation by Irving Moskowitz Foundation in 2013

Irving Moskowitz Foundation donation

On May 20, 2013, the city of Moore, Oklahoma was affected by one of the worst tornados that the state has ever suffered.  The 1.3 mile wide tornado traveling between 200-210 mph destroyed approximately 2,400 homes in the city of Moore, totaled 51 deaths including 10 children from a neighboring elementary school, and more than 10,000 people were directly impacted.

The Irving Moskowitz Foundation immediately reached out the American Red Cross and made a generous contribution of $100,000 for the Oklahoma Tornado Relief Effort.  Foundation President, Cherna Moskowitz felt compelled to contribute to the relief effort in hopes of alleviating and preventing future human suffering.  President Cherna Moskowitz stated: “It is imperative that we all unite and contribute to this cause and help our Oklahoma brothers and sisters during this time of crisis.”

The Irving Moskowitz Foundation has donated over $1 million dollars to the Red Cross for various relief efforts such as the earthquake in Turkey (1999); Kosovo relief crisis (1999); 9-11 New York State World Trade Center relief fund (2001); California wild fires (2003); tsunami disaster in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand (2004); Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana (2005); and most recently the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan (2011).

The Irving Moskowitz is a charitable foundation dedicated to help humanity through its generous contributions to fund social, educational, and health initiatives for the disadvantaged.  Organizations such as Casa de los Angelitos, Hawaiian Gardens Food Bank, Red Cross, Doctors without Borders and many more have been recipients of the generosity from the Irving Moskowitz Foundation.  The myriad   contributions help the Irving Moskowitz Foundation carry out their humanitarian mission.

Irving Moskowitz donates $30,000 to Pharis Fedde Middle School

Moskowitz gives iPads to school children

Irving Moskowitz gives iPads to school children

An advocate for education, Irving Moskowitz made a generous contribution of $30,000 for iPads to Pharis Fedde Middle School’s Global Scholar Honors Program.  As a strong community partner in Hawaiian Gardens and believer that every child deserves the right to a high quality level of education regardless of race, gender, and creed, Irving Moskowitz’s contribution towards educational programs is just another symbol of his commitment to help the community raise strong leaders for a better tomorrow.

Irving Moskowitz partnered with the Global Scholars Honors Program to promote education through the utilization on new technology such as the popular iPad.  Although new technology is often used for social media, Irving Moskowitz believed that this would be a great way to motivate students and make learning a much more enjoyable experience.

This worthy cause will put iPads in the hands of students who participate in the school’s prestigious Global Scholars Honors Program enabling them to have instant access to class lectures and materials.  The iPads will also be an incentive for both students currently enrolled in the program and those interested in joining. “Students of this generation have an obsession with new technology, why not use it to motivate students to use this technology as an educational tool to reach academic achievement,” said Irving Moskowitz.   In addition, the new iPads will now save teacher’s and the school time and money because it would reduce the cost of purchasing books and other class materials and save time by uploading lesson plans and class materials.

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Know How the Irving Moskowitz Foundation has Helped Others

Irving Moskowitz Foundation is committed to help reduce suffering in the places where there are crises. Through the various relief efforts, the foundation is able to help many people through their financial aid and relief contribution. The foundation had extended help during the Central America devastation brought by hurricane Mitch in 1998. It also provided relief during the Kosovo Crisis in the year 1999 and the massive earthquake that occurred in Turkey in the same year. Moreover, during the collapse of the New York City World Trade Center, the foundation was also able to extend its help. Also, a huge donation was given to the American Red Cross to offer help to those people who were affected in the wildfires that took place in California in 2003 and the Tsunami tragedy that affected Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia as well as India in 2004. The foundation also helped the sufferers in New Orleans and Louisiana when hurricane Katrina devastated their place in 2005.

There are many communities and places that have been beneficiaries of the Irving Moskowitz Foundation. The Irving Moskowitz Foundation continues to work with its vision and goals and provide help to people in times of crises. It was in the year 1968 that this foundation was initiated and it still is running at present. Dr. Irving Moskowitz has also been generous to the Jewish people in Israel. He wanted Israel to be maintained as a safe place for the Jewish people. He is proud and happy to be able to serve others that are not as fortunate as his and those who are living in difficult situations.

Do You Know About the Irving Moskowitz Charities?

Dr. Irving Moskowitz, with his wife Cherna Moskowitz, has established various Irving Moskowitz charities that have been very helpful in various communities. They understand the value of education as this is very essential in children’s development. The Irving Moskowitz charities have made lots of donations to various organizations. One of the blessed recipients of $30,000 is Fedde Middle School located in Hawaiian Gardens in California. The donation that the Irving Moskowitz charities provide will be used to buy Apple iPads for the students. These would be of great use to the education of children. The convenience offered by these devices will be very helpful as they try to study hard. These devices are new teaching tools that can make the students become more interested with learning in better ways.

The Irving Moskowitz charities are helping people of different creed, politics, religion or race. Dr. and Mrs. Moskowitz are proud sponsors for education of children too and they feel that education is necessary for long term success. They provide what the children need so that they will have fun learning different things. The founders know that there are many students dropping out of school in the middle school years and they are hoping that with their donation they can minimize the dropout rate. Because of this, Irving Moskowitz charities are dedicated to help the children out there for them to become educated. Children are taught academic Spanish, English, literature, mathematics, humanities, visual as well as performing arts and a lot more. The founders recognize that the donation they offer is the smartest investment for the brighter future of the nation.